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Our Helpsheets are moving into a new searchable database to make life easier for you!

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We produce Helpsheets in either html (for your web browser) or PDF format. You may require Adobe PDF Reader to open some of the documents posted here. Call or email us if you experience any difficulty in opening what we have posted.


If you have moved address or changed your name and you are one of our current clients, you should alert us by telephone, letter or email immediately so we can update your details both here and also update respective HMRC departments on your behalf.

You may alert HMRC directly using your Government Gateway login, or if you don't yet have one, using the online form here. Don't forget to tell us so we don't duplicate the task!

Note that if you are an Employee on someone elses payroll you must notify HMRC as well as your Employer.

Our Helpsheets are moving into a searchable sub-site/blog to make life easier for you to find what you need!

Go to Accountancy.Coop Informed or use the Support Menu above and 'Keep me Informed'.

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Pre-existing material (in Alphabetical Order)

 Business Bank Accounts Factsheet / Guide - FAQ's of Opening a Business Account

Business Plan Factsheet P D F Business Plan Factsheet / Guide

Business Plan for Partnerships Factsheet P D F Business Plan Partnerships Short Guide

7 Steps to Business Finance p d f Business Finance (7-Step Guide)

Chancellor's Budget  Budget 2013 (as announced from HM Treasury)

C.I.S. Late Penalties - C I S penalties P D FFree Guide or Do your Web link to file your C I S return onlineCIS Return Online

Changes to the Companies Act PDF Changes to the Companies Act as from 1st October 2008

Child Benefit Child Benefit for Higher Earners is it worth it?

Childcare for Employees PDF ChildCare for Employees - iR115(Sept2011)

Childcare for Employers PDF ChildCare for Employers - E18(Sept2011) Revised 23rd Sept 2011

Link to HMRC for Child care vouchers and Tax Credits  ChildCare Vouchers Vs Tax Credits - Assessment Calculator from HMRC

Cycle to Work Scheme Salary Sacrifice PDF Cycle to Work Scheme for Employers

Disolving a Company PDF Dissolution - Is it right for your company?

Getting an S A 3 6 1 to prove your self employement income P D F Get an SA361 Payslip for Tax Payments on Account

P D F about Houses with Multi-Occupancy Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Web Page about I R 35 regulations and how it could affect you IR35 - What is it and how does it affect me?

Web page for our Land and Property Guide Land and Property Guides (Separate Page)

Limited Company or Sole Trader Limited Company Vs Sole Trader - what is best for me?

Web page about running your Payroll under the R T I rules Payroll Information (Resources for Employers inc. help with R.T.I. )

P D F about Property Lettings Property or Letting Investment

Web page about running your Payroll under the R T I rules RTI Information (Running Payroll with Real Time Information - R.T.I.)

 Salary Verses Dividends (Which is Better for Companies?)

 Self Assessment Tax - Ready Reckoner (HMRC Online Calculator)

 Social Enterprises (Trusts, CIC's Co-ops and Charities)

Special VAT cases - Serviced Building Plots PDF VAT changes for Serviced Building Plots VAT64/07

Keeping your business safe when working online P D F Get Safe Online Leaflet for Small Business - Free Guide



for your Business


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Employer Auto Enrolment (TPR)
Companies House Forms
Business Link / GOV.UK
CIS Online
Co-operatives UK
Tax and NIC bands
Migrant Workers
UK Budget
Flat Rate VAT
HMRC WebTools
HMRC (Gov)
Paying HMRC by Card
Radical Routes
Self Employment Application
Starting your own Business
VAT Thresholds & when to register
VAT Schemes
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