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IR35 Tips and Advice

If you are Self Employed or are trading through a Limited Company but only have a single customer then you need to know about the I R 35 rules.

The Inland Revenue are cracking down on businesses (Employers and their workers) that fail to properly run a contract of employment under the PAYE rules and instead, where workers are encouraged to trade as another business so Employers National Insurance Contributions can be avoided, and employers don't have to consider holiday pay or other statutory payments such as for sickness or maternity leave.

Does the work you do fall unfer IR35? - Check the Free Guide here

What are valid expenses - the Ins and Outs of IR35 - Free Guide

The 5% Expense Rule for IR35 - Free Guide

The Deemed Payment Calculation - Free Guide

Make sure you know about these facts to make sure you are running your affairs correctly.

If you are unsure if IR35 affects you then why not arrange to come and see us for an IR35 review?

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