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We transmit sensitive data to you encrypted. You may need one of the following utilities to be able to extract encrypted data we may have sent you so that you can read it. Call us if you experience any difficulty in opening what we have sent you.

Take advantage of our Remote Support Service. (requires internet connection)

Download and run the support module (link right) and you can easily and temporarily connect your computer to our practitioners.

Once connected, we will be able to see a copy of your screen and, if required, control your mouse and keyboard to help you with your accounting or payroll system.  You always have full control and can break the connection at any time.  Once we have finished the program unloads and we cannot reconnect unless you re-run the module again.

Remote Support


Please use the above programs when directed by our support staff.

Download and Run the Required Module and tell us your Temporary ID code

Note there is also a Linux version if required.
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