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Payroll Processing with RTI

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pdflogo Updated Guide to R.T.I.

Download our quick guide to understanding HMRC's new Real Time Information system and how it affects both you and the way we work.

ER1 Employer Form

For Employers where we are contracted to take over the payroll processing. (still in production)

NE1 New Employee Form

(for adding New Employee(s) to your payroll and as a P45 starter form and P46 substitute)


Payroll Processing with R.T.I.

Please bear in mind that these links are just signposts that will hopefully point you in a suitable direction. We have tested all of the links on this page, but some sites do move severs and change a bit from time to time, so should you find that any of the links don't work, please email us and let us know.

Accountancy.Coop - Quick Guide to RTI

HMRC.GOV.UK - Guides for RTI Payroll Processing

Information about running payroll under RTI direct from the horses mouth.

GOV.UK - Online Test - Legal Entitlement to Work

First establish if a person is legally entitled to work in the UK before you allow them to start work.

HMRC.GOV.UK - PAYE - Tax Rates & Thresholds

You can look up the various current tax and NI rates in force, as well as check mileage allowances, Maternity Pay, Sick Pay, Student Loan Deductions etc.

HMRC.GOV.UK - Dispensations from HMRC for Expenses

HMRC P46(Car) Employee Private Use of a Company Car

DWP - About the Universal Credit System


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