Schedule of Rates

Effective from November 2022

 Work Type
Hourly Rate
 A: Standard Accountant Rate
 B: Book-keeping & Office Admin Rate
 P: Payroll (@ Bookkeeping Rate)
 I: Investigative Work Rate

Standard Accountant Rate covers all work carried out by our higher certified practitioners, including but not limited to, preparing Draft & Final Financial or Management Accounts, Corporation or Personal Tax Returns, Advice, Statutory Submissions, Company Secretarial, Company Formations, Dissolutions etc., which is deemed as Standard accountancy work.

Non-Standard Accountant Rate covers all work carried out by our higher certified practitioners, including but not limited to, other work not covered in rate A above such as additional work requested by the client, work outside the scope of the original engagement, or ad-hoc work, for example, assisting in or preparing business plans, and other difficult to classify work performed by higher certified staff.

Bookkeeping & Office Admin covers work carried out by lesser certified staff, duties including but not limited to Payroll (PAYE), VAT, General Bookkeeping, preparation and statutory submissions, General Administration, Letters & other communications with the client, HMRC, Companies House, Charity Commission or other legal authorities.

Remote -Support/Training covers the extension of Sage Support/Training made available by remote means, whether by email, telephone or computerised remote control/presentation. Payment should be made in advance unless we specify otherwise.

On Site – Training & Technical Support covers services of General Computer Support, including but not limited to, Sage accounting software support / training, carried out face to face with the customer either on our own premises or at client premises. Travel, accommodation or subsistence expenses may apply depending on distance from our offices, times and number of days required, which will be agreed with yourself prior to the service being delivered. Payment will be required in advance unless we specify otherwise.

Investigative Rate covers client unexpected work carried out by any staff in relation to HMRC Compliance checks, Investigations, Enquiries (Full and Aspect) and which may interfere with the planned client workload. This type of work will normally be charged out to an insurance company instead of our clients wherever possible. Note that all our current clients are automatically included in our FPI (Fee Protection Insurance) which covers Accountancy.Coop Ltd.

*The Remote Support / Training service is charged by the minute. All other fees are charged to the nearest quarter of an hour, with the exception of Payroll, which has a minimum charge of half an hour.

Information last updated 29th March 2023