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Print P60 from Sage Payroll on plain paper

P60_2014_BWHere is our new Sage Report Designer file that will generate a valid  P60 Substitute for the tax year ending April 5th 2014.  This layout design has been approved by HMRC for the 2014 tax year and is suitable for printing on plain A4 paper and can be exported to a PDF file and printed on plain paper later.

Instructions for Installing the Report into your Sage Payroll software:-

  • Download the Zip file to your PC and unzip it.  There are two identical files in the ZIP file with different names.
  • The one named P60UNLOCKED.FORM can be used if you wish to retain the original P60 report file that came with your software, or you can use the P60HMRCLAS.form which will over-write the original report file.
  • Copy the one you want to use and paste it into the ‘TaxYear1314” folder which is inside your Sage Payroll Reports Folder.

If you don’t know where to save this file, and this will depend upon your operating system and payroll software version, then in Sage 50 Payroll use the HELP -> ABOUT option on your drop-down menu.  When the support information is displayed, in the first box called “Program Details” you will see the Reports Directory is listed.  Click the blue link there and it will open the Windows Explorer at the correct location.  Select the 2013-14 tax year folder and paste your file(s) there and you are ready to go.

  • If you used the P60HMRCLAS.form then you run your Year End routine as normal (with the wizard workflow) and the option to Print “P60 HMRC Laser” will now produce a wonderful P60 on plain A4 paper!
  • If you used the other file, you have to access it through the main REPORTS toolbar button at the top of the screen, then selecting the Year End section and then the 2013-2014 year specifically.  You will see the new report in the list along-side the original report and you can run it from there.

Don’t forget, it would be unwise to electronically send anyone’s personal details in an unencrypted format where it could be easily intercepted by a third party.  There some FREE TOOLS available that can help you.

The same report file should work for your Sage Instant Payroll too but just check the name of the original file as it may need to be different from the new name used in Sage 50.

Happy Printing.


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